Applying for a Character? [READ ME]

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Applying for a Character? [READ ME] Empty Applying for a Character? [READ ME]

Post  Leviathan on Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:40 pm

When applying for a character, you must use the following thread titles format:

[Faction]-[Name]-[Pirate Crew Name/Marine Crew Name]

For example

[Pirate]-[Blagh Blahson]-[The Mighty Blagh Crew]


[Marine]-[Bleep Bloopy]-[Bloopy's Marine Core]

After you've fixed up your thread name, please use the following format for your character's information.

Name: (Your character's name)
Age: (Your character's age)
Gender: (Your character's gender)
Hometown: (Where your character was born)
Combat Preference: (Sniper, Swordsman etc)
Position at Sea: (What your character does at sea, IE cook, captain, first mate etc)

Personality: (Your character's personality. Make it very detailed.)
Appearance: (How your character looks.)
Biography: (Your character's life, up until they joined the Marines or decided to become a pirate)

Method of fighting:

The more detailed your character is, the more likely it will be accepted. You are also required to submit a sample mission of 1000 words, to demonstrate your writing ability and dedication to the character you have created. This mission/chapter should be posted up in the same thread as your application, and it will be graded as though it were any other mission/chapter. The points you gain from writing it will form the base of your character, and give you the real start you need to properly begin in the RP.
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