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Q. A One Piece RP? Cool! I can't wait to start writing about my character's adventures with the Straw Hat Crew!
A. That wasn't even a question, and NO. This writing RP takes place in an alternate universe, meaning NONE of the pirates (other than Gol. D. Roger) exist or ever have existed! This is not some crappy fanfiction RP, this is an RP that promotes original writing in the One Piece universe!

Q. Which factions are there to choose from?
A. You may choose to be either a pirate, a Marine, or a bounty hunter. There is no substantial difference between the factions, other than the overall goal of your character. It doesn't make sense for a pirate-hating character to actually be a pirate, unless you have a damn good reason and make it believable. Coby anybody?

Q. How does the RP actually work?
A. Basically, you create a character. Once it's been approved, you then start to write chapters/missions for that character, which are then graded. The grade you're given is then added to your character's statistics, and that's how your character progresses.

Q. Can I RP with other people on the same ship?
A. The quick, simple answer is no, not on the same ship. Since you're writing missions for your own character, with your own storyline, it doesn't make sense that you would be on a ship with another player character since ships can only be in one place at one time. You would have to collaborate with another player constantly, leaving little room for personal, solo storylines.

Q. Collaborate? What does that mean?
A. Essentially, it's the same as a normal chapter, only you make one post, then somebody else posts after you. You and your friend are essentially working together to create a chapter/mission. Your parts will be graded separately from your friend's parts. Some people prefer to stick to solo missions/chapters, whereas others like to mix it up with group collaborations. Whichever method you choose makes no difference.

Q. I want to start with a Legendary Weapon/ Devil Fruit/ Awesome techniques! Is this possible?
A. In short, no. Legendary Weapons and Devil Fruits are awarded through events, though this is a rare occurrence. For every 250 Personal Development Points your character has, you gain a technique slot. You may apply for techniques, which will then be given a total 'slot-cost', meaning the more Personal Development Points your character has, the more techniques he or she (or whatever, if they're an Okama) may equip and therefore use. Everybody starts with 10 technique slots. For every 1000 TD you gain, you gain an extra Item Slot.

Q. How does Haki work?
A. All three types of Haki are available in this RPG, however each is represented by an equipable perk. At a certain level (yet to be decided) your character may apply for the Haki perk. If your character is allowed to equip the Haki perk, another statistic, 'Haki' will be added to your other statistics. You may add points to this statistic, as the Haki statistic shows your mastery over the Haki perk you have equipped. Having a type of Haki perk equipped gives you access to certain exclusive techniques.

Q. What's a perk?
A. A perk is something added to your character that changes the way you play. They are rare, and hard work is required to earn them. One example of a perk is 'Haki'. If you have a Devil Fruit, it is also classed as a perk.

Q. How does the statistics system work? It looks complicated!
A. Basically, your statistics show the strengths of your character. The statistics are as follows:

Total Development (TD): The total sum of all your distributional statistics. For every 1000 TD you gain, you gain an extra item slot. Everybody starts with 3.
Raw Strength : NOT a distributional statistic. It is 60% of your total TD.
Swordsmanship: Your character's proficiency in swordplay. You may add points gained from missions/chapters to this.
Marksmanship: Your character's proficiency with ranged weapons. You may add points gained from missions/chapters to this.
Hand to Hand: Your character's proficiency when using their body as a weapon. You may add points gained from missions/chapters to this.
Raw Speed: Your character's natural speed. You may add points gained from missions/chapters to this.
Personal Development Points (PDP): NOT a distributional statistic. It is 80% of your total TD. For every 250 PDP you gain, you gain an extratechnique slot. Everybody starts with 10.

Basically, when you have a mission/chapter graded, the grader will give you so many points to put into your statistics. You can only put points into Swordsmanship, Marksmanship, Hand to Hand and Raw Speed. The other statistics are an automatic % of your TD, which is the sum of Swordsmanship, Marksmanship, Hand to Hand and Raw Speed combined.
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