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Name: Vargas D. Wulf
Age: 23
Gender: male
Hometown: Admah Town
Combat Preference: Hand to Hand/Brawler
Position at Sea: Captain
Ship: Turtle Free

Despite his formidable appearance, Vargas is known to his friends as a warm, boisterous soul, and to his enemies as a merciless beast of unbreakable will. Often smiling even in some of the most extreme conditions, Vargas is an adventurer at heart that dreams of a just world. His pursuit of One Piece as a Pirate Captain is tied to his dream of ridding the world of the corrupt and callous World Government which places heartless monsters like the Tenryuubito above the rules of humanity and decency. Though generally an honest, warm hearted person, he harbors an extreme hate and prejudice against the World Government, and through association though to a lesser extent, the Marine Corps. Vargas D. Wulf is on the whole a very honest person, and though he may at times recognize a need for covert or underhanded operations, he tends to be very bad at lying, and often worse at hiding.

A strong, muscular youth, Vargas stands at a tall 6'4" and weighs about 207 lbs. His musculature is both lean and toned from years of personal training. His left arm is partially covered from his shoulder to the back of his hand by a very intricate black tattoo of unclear meaning. Both his eyebrows and hair are jet black and bushy and his eyes are a hard steel gray. Despite these features, however, he can often be found wearing a large grin, even when faced with unimaginable danger.

His attire is mostly comprised of a loose pair of dark blue pants and a loose fitting sleeveless coat. The coat is a dark blue struck with two vertical stripes of black descending from his shoulders. He sometimes enjoys wearing the coat resting on his shoulders with his arms out of the arm-holes. For the most part he prefers going barefoot.

Lieutenant Devan Wulf was an officer for the Marines when his young son was born to his wife, Missandre D. Wulf. Proud as any father could be, for the next ten years he and his wife raised their son to be both strong and compassionate. Young Vargas was loved well by his parents and grew quickly into a strong boy with a strong sense of justice. On more than one occasion he'd come home bruised and bloody after getting into a fight with other kids, most often in defense of some weaker child or animal. Despite his penchant for fighting, his parents scolded him very little for his actions and often tried to encourage him to find more peaceful alternatives to fighting, though this method saw few results.

Vargas was only ten the day that his relatively carefree life changed forever. The Island town of Admah, being occupied by the marines to some extent already, was no stranger to the occasional captured pirate or criminal, though these were often in transport to a larger prison. Such was the case on this fateful day. His own father had captured a notorious pirate captain who was to be held temporarily at the island's small Marine base. As fate would have it, a Tenryuubito named Saint Gorbulan had heard of the capture by chance, and he decided that Lieutenant Wulf's captive would make an excellent addition to his Pirate Captain Collection. Shortly after the captive arrived so did the Tenryuubito on a massive Marine galley. Clad in his environmental suit and breathing helmet, the noble was paraded through the market square toward the marine base on the backs of two fierce-looking slaves. As it so happened, Vargas and his mother were out buying the day's groceries that day and were present to see the Tenryuubito's entourage. Likewise, the Tenryuubito saw Vargas' mother, and, much to the shock and surprise of everyone present, descended from his slaves' backs and declared that he'd have her as a wife. The look of horror on Vargas' parents' faces sent chills down his spine, for he'd never seen his parents look so utterly defeated. As the Tenryuubito made to clasp his mother's hand, he resisted.

"You could be raised to the highest style of life, but you'd rather live in this disgusting mud-hole?"

His mother only sobbed in response and attempted to pull away in futility, already knowing the doom that awaited her for her resistance.

"Why I'd rather die than live as an insect."

The Tenryuubito drew his ornate pistol from its holster and pointed it at Vargas' mother. The young boy, already fairly strong, acted before he could think, not yet fully aware of the situation.

"Leave Mama alone!"

He pushed through the crowd and landed a fist full in the Noble's gut. The petulant man buckled and heaved for a moment as marine guards quickly moved to restrain Vargas. After recovering for a few moments Saint Gorbulan turned his fury upon the young boy and aimed the gun directly at him.

"H-how dare y-you!?"

The gunshot rang out in Vargas' ears like a thunderbolt as pain coursed through his body like white hot lightning. Blinded by the pain for a few seconds, he didn't realize at first that his own mother had stepped out in front of him to shield him from the bullet. His last memory of her was lying beside her in a pool of their mingling blood. The crimson stain swelled outward from her stomach as she held him close, the bullet that killed her lodged in his left shoulder.

"This town is obviously host to nests of disgusting insects. It's so grotesque I've lost interest even in my Captain Collection. Destroy the island."

Lieutenant Wulf stood aghast, hardly able to even move as his whole life crumbled before him in a cruel, bloody farce of the Absolute Justice to which he'd once so zealously adhered. It was hours after the Noble had left that Devan Wulf came to his senses. Awaking in an armchair, Vargas' father frantically asked about his wife and son to the nearest people who happened to be the kind neighbors who had taken both him and his injured son into their home after the incident. Vargas' mother, Devan's wife, had already been buried in her garden, having been dead for several hours already. Had Vargas been conscious, he would have seen his father reduced to the most pitiful, broken man in the world, for whose sorrow even violent sobbing could not suffice to quench. Devan decided that night, as the impeding doom of the Buster Call approached, that if anything, he had to save Vargas, his only son.

Vargas woke to his father placing him into a small dingy and giving him a permanent Log Pose to a place known as Alabasta.

"Listen Vargas,"
His father whispered to him in the dark of the night.
"You have to escape. Escape and live, and change this world we live in. Become strong, son, and live to change the world."

The memory of his father's last words to him glistened with tears welling up in his eyes, so much so that he didn't even notice the tears streaming down his own father's face.

"Grow strong Vargas," whispered his father one last time as he pushed the dingy out to sea.

Trying to obey his father, Vargas choked back his tears and rowed out into the sea as the shadows of dozens of huge war cogs loomed ominously in the dusk of the night. The first cannon blasts exploded like thunder behind him and he turned just in time to see the apocalyptic decimation of the only home he'd ever known in a rain of fire and iron and terrible white light. Being unable to take his eyes off the horrific event, he couldn't even pull his eyes away from the utter destruction until the thundering finally ceased and the enormous war ships vanished into the mists of the dawn. It was all the young boy could do to row and sail as best he could toward the destination set by his father, if only to hold back the welling tears in his eyes.

Vargas endured savage storms, blistering heat, frigid blizzards, and the occasional Sea King on his voyage to Alabasta, despite it being a relatively short trip. Upon finally reaching the desert kingdom, Vargas was actually washed up while clinging to the wrecked remains of his dingy, and clutching the permanent Log Pose in a tight fist. He was woken up by the sounds of a strange animal looking over him. at first appearance the animal seemed much like a seal, though appeared to have a a shell like that of a turtle covering both it's head and torso. Mostly starved, dehydrated, and completely exhausted, Vargas only moaned at the creature, to which it answered with a surprised "KUO!"
In little to no time, Vargas' weak body was surrounded by the little creatures, which bore him up with a simultaneous "Kuo!" and proceeded to carry him. The next thing he knew, he was suddenly being engulfed in water with a great splash and much exclamatory "Kuo"-ing. It was only after he pulled himself back onto the sand that he realized the comparative sweetness of the water, and the vibrant green leaves obscuring the clear blue of the sky. Upon looking around he found that, not only was he sitting waist deep in an oasis of fresh water, but the shelled, seal creatures had brought a variety of different fish for him to eat. Both starved and unbelievably thirsty, he quickly devoured everything they brought before him, completely uncooked and ignoring most of the bones. Similarly, he dunked his head into the cool water spring so many times and with such duration that the animals surrounding him seemed almost concerned.

By nightfall he had already regained much of his strength and was challenged by one of the larger looking animals to what he could only guess was a test of strength. Being both undisciplined, and still weakened, his brawler methods of fighting were quickly overwhelmed by the power of the Kung Fu Dugong that had challenged him. Though he was defeated, the dugongs allowed him to sleep and eat among them and train daily. It was amongst the dugongs that he learned to dive for fish, avoid dangerous creatures like Sea Kings and Warusagi, and, above all, to fight.

It was already a month since his landing in Alabasta before he came upon the first human town, and by then, he had almost forgotten what it was like to live with people. His clothing torn and worn to rags, he looked quite the beggar and was, for the most part avoided by others. His sudden reintroduction to civilization reminded him somewhat of the world he'd left behind and the tragic end which befell it. He remembered the fire, and the cannons, and his fathers words.

"Grow Strong."

His memories instilled in him a determination to train more with his dugong friends, and a thirst for revenge that would sit and boil within him for years to come. Vargas D. Wulf lived like that for several years hence, training every day with the Kung Fu Dugongs (which he learned they were called from his sparse visits to the towns), and growing ever stronger. He eventually learned to steal when necessary, so that he would have money for clothing, and sometimes earned money doing odd jobs in the town though this was not often. He learned many other things from visiting the towns, such as the name of the man responsible for the destruction of his island, and the demonically powerful Admiral that executed the Buster Call: Shiroryu.

Learning these things and more as he grew up Vargas determined that there was much more to be learned of the world and that, if he were to do anything about the cruelty of the World Government, he'd need some way of changing it. The final and most important piece of information he learned living in Alabasta was what finally set him on his goal. To find One Piece would make him the Pirate King, and only then would he have enough strength to be able to change the world and rid it of the rotten World Government that plagued it with such wanton cruelty. It was the day of this revelation that he decided to pursue One Piece, and it was on that same day that he succeeded in beating every opponent the Kung Fu Dugongs had to offer him. Devoted to following him as their master, the Kung Fu Dugongs became his crew, the only thing left to do was to somehow get his hands on a ship...

Fighting Style:

Having been trained for over a decade by the Kung Fu Dugongs of Alabasta, Vargas has grown to become quite a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. Though his style lacks a true discipline, he boasts a powerful frame and a quick perception which allows him to react and adapt quickly to any given situation.

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TD: 638
Raw Strength: 383
Swordsmanship: 0
Marksmanship: 0
Hand to Hand: 458
Raw Speed: 180
PDP: 510
Tech Slots: [0/12]
Inventory Slots: [0/3]

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