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Post  Leviathan on Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:32 am

Name: Jaxxon D. Marko
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Home-town: Unknown
Combat Preference: Sniper/Tank
Position at Sea: Captain of North Blue's 53rd Division

Personality: Jaxxon is an incredibly disciplined individual with practically no fuse. Any act or talk of insubordination he treats as a personal insult, and he has no qualms keelhauling his own men when merely suspecting said subordination. He expects his men to be the very best, and any less than that warrants corporal punishment in his brig, which he oversees and personally delivers on occasion. Marko has severe delusions of grandeur, seeing the Marines as being the only true enforces of 'True Justice', and as such, regards injured or killed civilians as collateral damage in his quest to personally eradicate the pirate scum that has overtaken the seas. What makes Marko so sinister isn't his preference for discipline or his sheer strength. No, it lies in his resourcefulness and his total lack of a moral compass. There is no person he wouldn't kill, no village he wouldn't destroy for the sake of his 'True Justice', and he has been known to latch onto pirate flags and chase them relentlessly, until all pirates sailing under that flag were killed or too exhausted to resist as he hauled them down to his brig, never to be seen again.

Appearance: Jaxxon wears dark blue pants and a white jacket, the latter of which has the Marines symbol emblazoned upon the back, though he is more often seen without it. His jacket is usually worn open to reveal a tattooed chest so heavily scarred that, if it were not for the cannon attached to his left arm, would surely draw people's attention before anything else. Upon loosing his left arm in a fight against Jannine Rassallion, it didn't take him long to have his technicians come up with an alternative. Stretched across the whole of his chest is the Marine's logo, tattooed in blue ink, yet disfigured by two large scars upon the right side. The left side of his chest has the kanji for 'justice' tattooed into his skin on top of his Marine's tattoo. His hair is dark brown and has been cut short in a military-like fashion, and he is more often than not seen with a large, heavily-looking pistol upon his right hip. The right side of his face is also heavily scarred, and his right eye is made of glass, having had it removed when it was damaged in a skirmish against Jannine Rassallion. His one remaining eye is a strangely vibrant cyan colour. All of Jaxxon's distinguishing scars and wounds were inflicted by Jannine Rassallion, bar one scar which stretches from the top of his forehead down to just below his bellybutton in a completely straight line, given to him by Yonyon del Castell. He stands at roughly 7 ft.

Devil Fruit: The Prism Prism Fruit. The Prism Prism Fruit gives Marko the ability to 'cloak' people and objects from afar, though the more they move, the less effective the 'cloak' is. Objects and people moving fast shimmer when in light, yet almost completely vanish once they come to a stand-still. The effectiveness of the Prism Prism Fruit is also subject to Marko's proximity to the object or person he is using the Fruit's abilities on. It is common knowledge that the Prism Prism Fruit, overall, is inferior to the Suke Suke no Mi.

Marine Jaxxon D. Marko
I am a Human

Development Points: 20000
Raw Strength: 12000
Swordsmanship: 1000
Marksmanship: 3000
Hand-To-Hand: 11000
Raw Speed: 3000
Devil Fruit Synch: 2000

Personal Development Points: 16000 [ 74 ] Technique Slots

Usability: Leviathan, others upon confirmation of the creator (Leviathan)

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