[Week 6] [P] Kin G. Doom <Chapter 2: The Sea is a Cruel Mistress>

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[Week 6] [P] Kin G. Doom <Chapter 2: The Sea is a Cruel Mistress> Empty [Week 6] [P] Kin G. Doom <Chapter 2: The Sea is a Cruel Mistress>

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"Is it me or is it ridiculously hot?" complained Kin.

"It is quite warm yeah, it also feels quite sticky." Replied Roko. "Anyway, where's Harper?"

Motioning towards the back of the small boat Kin responded "He's asleep curled up at the back."

Turning around to look where Kin pointed Roko inquired "What the hell? How can he curl up in such a small area and still be comfortable enough to sleep in this heat and humidity?"

"It's a mystery to me, how can it be so hot when it's cloudy?" moaned Kin.

"Sorry your Majesty, would you like me to fan you?"

"For crying out loud, I told you to stop with that stuff didn't I?"

"Why yes, oh King. Indeed you did." Roko smirked.

"You've been calling me that since we were at the orphanage, will you ever stop? I told you, I'm not a damn King!"

"Whatever you say, your name is King Doom after all. Hey, aren't those clouds getting darker?"

"No, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times. My name isn't King Doom, it's Kin G. Doom. They're totally different...hang on, you're right. The clouds are getting darker quite quickly..." Both Kin and Roko turned to look at each other.

In unison they both exclaimed "Shit! It's a storm!"

Panicking they both started looking around straining their eyes to see if they could spot any kind of land or boats they could take refuge on. Sadly they failed to spot anything of the sort, it was then that the rain quickly came pounding down around them almost like a rain of rifle fire. It was so loud that they couldn't even hear their own voices over the rain, Kin managed to get Roko's attention and motioned for him to wake Harper up. Roko acknowledged and edged over towards Harper and shook him violently awake, dazed Harper looked around and realization dawned on him as he sat bolt upright looking around.

The wind started picking up, this was the first storm any of the three had experienced at sea, Kin and Roko having recently only just set out to sea and Harper had the fortune of whenever he was at sea the sun was blazing down, they were all clinging onto the side of the boat praying for the storm to pass quickly. The small boat they were on started rocking more as the wind caused the waves of the sea to grow, it was starting to feel like they were on a white knuckle ride at a carnival.

A bright flash illuminated the horizon with a very impressive fork of lightning, of the likes had never been seen by either of the three. As the lightning struck, they became awestruck. Shortly following the lightning, came the thunder. A colossal crash rolled through the crowds, the sound was enough to make even a lion mew like a frightened kitten and run away. It was a deafening roar. It was then that a sudden gust of wind strong enough to blow over a house came rushing through, Kin and Harper were both crouched down hanging on, however Roko wasn't as lucky as even though he was holding on like his crew mates, he was looking around at the fearsome storm, the wind grabbed him and took him flying off the boat.

As Kin looked up in horror, Roko was already flung from the ship and was a speck in the distance. Even though he wasn't a religious man, Kin prayed for Roko's safety and vowed to find him again, no matter how long it took. As well as praying for the safety of his crew member and dear friend Roko, Kin also prayed for this cursed storm to cease its attack on them. However mother nature had other ideas as she continued the relentless barrage of wind, rain and thunder.

The unrelenting rain had made the boat hard to hold onto, as the boat kept on rocking more and more on the waves that were even now, still increasing in size. Kin and Harper were struggling to hold on when a wave higher than the others suddenly came and washed over the boat. Kin who was even wetter than he thought possible made the mistake of licking his lips almost instantly retched at the taste of salt water. After recovering from the retching fit he just experienced, he looked to see how Harper had coped with the wave washing over the boat. To his horror, Harper was nowhere to be seen on the boat. Panicking he looked out to the sea, but couldn't see anything. It didn't help that not only there was hardly any light, but with the way the waves were foaming, spotting an individual would be next to impossible.

Kin prayed for Harper as he had done for Roko, where ever his crew mates were he wished them safety and hoped to meet them again. He had almost given up hope on making it out of the storm but then to his relief the storm settled down...or so it seemed. The sea calmed down, the rain lightened up and the thunder and lightning stopped, Kin thought that was the end of it and released his grip on the side of the boat. Hearing a low roar in the distance, Kin thought that he was imagining it, until he realised it was getting louder and louder. Slowly he got up and turned round to see where the sound was coming from.

Eyes wide open, he muttered only two words "Oh...Fuck!" What was rushing towards him was a tsunami, presumably from the aftermath of the storm. He held onto the boat as tightly as he could as the boat was taken in by the tsunami, almost deafened by the roar of the tsunami. He tried to look forward to see where the tsunami was taking him but he couldn't focus his eyes properly. It was then, emotionally and physically exhausted he passed out.

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