Week 13 [P] Argo Raikovich <Chapter 1. The Dawn of the Iron Gate>

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Week 13 [P] Argo Raikovich <Chapter 1. The Dawn of the Iron Gate> Empty Week 13 [P] Argo Raikovich <Chapter 1. The Dawn of the Iron Gate>

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The moonlight gleamed from the ocean waters as the boat ripped through the waters. Aboard the ship stood one lone figure. Taller than most men, he just looked out across the deck. The moonlight had also been reflecting a gloomy yellow glow from his brass mask. The white silk of his overcoat shined brightly in the midnight moon. He looked almost like an angel sent from heaven. This however, was most certainly not the case. Argo had no true destination, he would only go where his ship took him. Despite not having a crew, he had been managing well enough. Of course... the ship was rather small. He was adrift on the sea on a dingy. His actual ship had been docked and locked up until he found himself a crew. He began to think back to what the old man who owned the dock said to him.

“So, you are finally gonna buy this boat and make it your own huh? Well, I tell you what... You come back here when you have yourself a proper crew, and this ship will be all yours. Until then, I will hold on to it here at the dock and keep it safe for you.” With this said the old man turned to walk away from Argo. He then bellowed out a laugh and turned around sneering at Argo. “Until then, you can be the captain of that dingy down at the end of the pier.”

Argo was annoyed with the laughter of the man, but he decided not to kill him. It would cause a scene. After all, these long years have yet to stop the marines from chasing after him. Especially since he had spent his time over the years killing and plundering in almost each town he had been to. Speaking quietly to himself Argo said, “Come to think of it... I haven't been to a town that I haven't committed a crime in, in over 4 years...” Argo stopped allowing himself to care about the issue though. He began walking down to the end of the pier to get on the dingy and leave the coastal town. He was ready to set out on the sea, and put this place behind him for now.

Days passed by as Argo crossed the sea. He spent his time awake rowing the boat towards the other side. When he wasn't rowing, he would be eating or sleeping. As time passed, he finally reached land. It had been about two weeks since he had left the pier behind, and one week since the night he watched over the sea. He arrived on what seemed like another port town. The normal life that was shown, and embraced, on the outside...was nothing more than a lie. The truth of the town, was it was a breeding ground for degeneracy. The people, as perfect as they looked, were all liars and thieves. A town full of cutthroats, who had tongues sharper than daggers. A town that was filled with debauchery. Argo would soon come to find himself in love with the little port town. As he docked his little boat, he looked upon a sign that read the name of the town. “Kilmberg Port.” Argo made his way into the town and looked around a little. He was searching desperately for the pub.

After awhile Argo had finally found what he was looking for, and a lot of other things... he wasn't looking for. Mostly, streets filled with filth, and whores. And everything in between. Only interested in drowning the thoughts of the long trip across the sea in alcohol, he carried onward towards the pub. Upon entering the pub, he was greeted with a chair, thrown in a bar fight. As the chair hit the wall next to him, he just stared into the building. Looking at a group fighting in the middle he saw a man who had been playing a saxophone. After hearing a very high note pout from the instrument, he had seen bodies fly through the bar. Suddenly, the music stopped, and he looked at Argo. Eying him up and down, he looked over him suspiciously. Afterward, he proceeded to leave the bar without saying a word. At that moment everybody in the bar looked at the giant standing in the doorway. Nobody could see who he was, due to his hood and mask. However, they all knew he seemed to be dangerous, so they stayed away from him.

Argo walked up to the bar, and looked the barkeep dead in the eye, and spoke. “Whiskey.... The cheap shit...” The bartender turned to the shelf, and grabbed the cheapest bottle of whiskey he could find. Turning, and revealing it to Argo he smiled, hoping that the whiskey he chose would make the cut. Thinking to himself, he really just wanted to make the man leave his pub. However, his greed wanted otherwise. Argo nodded at the selection in approval. Moments later he found himself with a large glass filled almost to the top with whiskey. Putting money on the table, he payed for the drink, and opened the facing of his mask to reveal his mouth. His lips and mouth, cut in slivers, like shattered glass, told a tale of a past filled with misery. However, the bartender knew better than to ask about it. He just kept to himself when dealing with customers.

After finishing the drink in one sitting, Argo slammed the shot glass down on the table. Pushing it forward, he looked at the bartender requesting another drink. Time seemed to pass on until Argo and a few other people were the only others left in the bar. He knew he would get drunk if he drank too much more... so he stopped after finishing the first bottle. Looking to the empty glass in front of him he stood and walked out of the bar after paying his debt. Walking into the open street he was greeted by the warm salty air. He took this chance to take a look at his supplies, that he left in his small boat.

As he arrived at his dingy he was greeted by the man with the saxophone, from the pub. “So... you are Argo Raikovich, eh? A name like that, is so small time... its almost pathetic.... And you call yourself a pirate.... Well, my man... Somebody with no ship, and no crew... cannot be a pirate. SO..... maybe you should just abandon this hopeless idiocy of yours.... However, if you choose to go on.... one day.... our paths will cross again. But keep in mind.... it may not be as friendly as it is now. Next time.... I may have to kill you. For now, I'll bid you adieu with my first name alone. Streichen. Take care Argo.... because, someday..... I may want to kill you. Hahaha.”

The man laughed as he began to walk away, however, he had incurred the attention of the giant with his meaningless talk. Argo studied him well. Marking every feature of his body mentally. From his clothing to his facial features, he made sure to note everything down for future use. Then with a rough voice, holding malice and contempt, he spoke to Streichen. “If that time comes.... I will kill you....” His speech short and quick he returned to the task at hand and counted his supplies.

After checking his supplies, Argo brought them along with him, leaving his small boat at the dock. He left to head for the Inn, located in the middle of the town. Taking his time walking there, he embraced the feel of the air, still not used to dry land yet. Thinking only of resting in a bed for the first time in several weeks, and possibly eating a decent meal that didn't consist of fish, hede. Upon entering the Inn, he looked at a young blonde woman, who had been standing behind a counter. She smiled politely, but Argo could tell that her smile was a lie. A mask hiding her true nature. A spiteful witch who hated the people she pretended to comfort. Showing only contempt for them, yet putting up with them, solely for the sake of her own greed. He decided. However, that it would be worth it to rest again.

Approaching the counter he pressed a night's worth of money onto the counter. “Please sir... allow me to show you to your room.” She had spoken brightly and clearly, before mumbling beneath her breath. “You rotten fucking swine.... infesting my place of business...” She, however, knew that whatever she said to him, could be fatal, so she did not dare speak loudly.

He arrived at his bedroom and decided to skip the meal and lay down. He was in for a long adventure at the break of dawn, and wanted to be well rested. So, as the night progressed onward, he slept until the break of dawn on the horizon.

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