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Name: Vitani “Kikan” (“Mirrored Flower”) Tsubaki

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Hometown: Lloviendo Ciudad Incendio (“Town of Burning Rain”)

Combat Preference: Silent Swordsman, Bounty Warden

Position at Sea: Although a skilled Swordsman, Vitani’s keen eye also makes her a perfect lookout. Able to judge with great accuracy, a location where a sound or sight is located to be.

Growing up with the elders had made her very disciplined and stern in nature. Although she does enjoy reading it’s often to contemplate thoughts in her own time or practice combat training alone. She had lived a very secluded life and often finds the presence of others more of a curse than a blessing, often keeping to herself in terms of discussion.

Meanwhile she often hangs out in places where her services could be of use or approach someone that would be willing to pay her. Often finding dark, worn and tired places, like taverns or abandoned housing, as a place to wait until she finds work. Sitting alone with a keen eye for anyone who could use her services or possibly be a good target to steal from.

Her training with the Elders has given her great understanding of her blade and wields it as easily as she eats and breathes. Often planning attacks carefully and deciding without considering anyone else, stubbornly follows her own way of fighting, despite the odds. Nevertheless she also has great reflexes and speed, often being able to dodge a bullet in time, however exhausts herself quickly afterwards; only ever used in dire situations.

She has never known the meaning of mercy and would often kill someone that stands on the spot, however inside there’s a kind nature to her: providing anyone lives long enough to see it, she tends to keep this hidden for professionalism and reputation.

During her childhood, she has grown a vengeful hatred of pirates and Naval Marines. Often taking the chance to kill one if there’s a bounty or an act of misdeed, however Vitani finds it difficult to retrain herself from killing them, even when they’re innocent of crime.

Vitani stands 5’6, clad in a Crimson shirt that can be fastened by a small strap that goes over the opening of her top, often used to maintain a consistent shape during stealth operations or when disguising as someone of the opposite sex; nevertheless the additional strap was originally intended as an accessory towards appearance.

Yellow hair as bright as the morning sun that glimmers in the light and dulls in the dark, surrounds all but her face, yet a single strand that flickers over her forehead, her hair flowing to her shoulders; but stopping shortly afterwards. Nevertheless behind her hair continues halfway down her torso, excess hair bundled together in a ponytail; that could easily be covered by a few strands from above.

A interesting addition to her arms are two lengthily gloves that cover her hand and forearm, both bound with leather straps that cross occasionally into a cluttered mess and also provide protection through padding, however the straps end at her wrist, allow her hands to move freely within the fingerless glove.

Her dark-brown trousers supported by a belt around her waist, also sports another directly below: tilted towards her left-hand side, it secures a small satchel that contains a variety of objects she carries with her at all times, such as money, tools and wanted posters. Meanwhile her black boots cover her trousers, which look almost as if they were the same.

Originally born in “Lloviendo Ciudad Incendio”, also known as “Town of Burning Rain”, she was quickly abandoned as a child during a sudden attack on the Town, as the smell of burning brimstone clouded the air, mist forming around sudden bursts of fire and the sound of a multitude of cannon’s, thundered the skies. Panic broke loose as villagers fled for safety and her parents: desperate to save their daughter, charged through the manslaughter of gunshots, swords and mutinous friends turning during these desperate times. Homes collapsing under impact or fire that ate through the very lives of those that lived there, floors and ceilings giving way under pressure. Door’s bursting under the pressure of invading sea men: familiar men who sported the royal uniform of naval officials, whose faces jeered a toothless grin.

Desperate in fear of losing her child, her parents hid her inside a nearby barrel, behind their local Tavern and kicked it off a hill, forcing it to roll into the forest growth and vanish from sight. Nevertheless she turned her face from her daughter and without a goodbye; she vanished into the blackened fog of crumbling Town. The 6 year old girl tumbled inside, missing many trees by only luck and hurtling off the edge of an approaching cliff; landing with a deep splash and drifting off into see, all the girl could see through an eyehole in the barrel, was a naval ship flashing a black flag in the distance and a skull and crossed bones, cackling in the wind.

She drifted for hours, days, possibly even weeks until she arrived on the shore of a peaceful island called “Valle de la Paz Espiritual” (Valley of Spiritual Peace), where a temple apprentice found her crying in the sand and carried her up the mountain, passing a stairway that went far beyond the eye could see, baring a cargo to supply the warriors that lived at the top. After the journey was made, he lifted the little girl off the cargo and handed the shipment in, telling the elders afterwards how he found her and understanding his story, the Elders welcomed her in their temple of warrior’s; raising her as their own.

The elders have been known as the Valleys strongest warriors and although they seemed feeble bodied, provided great power when the peaceful plains were under attack. However since the forging of the “Temple of Warriors”, adventurers from near and far have sought the Temple and bested the trail of the mountain peak: to learn the sacred ways. But as time passed, fewer and fewer people arrived until none at all, leaving the Elders to defend them alone. Their ability dwindling over time as their physical strength began to dwindle and fade: that was until hope was given in the heart of this little girl.

As she grew up, she learnt how to wield a blade through harsh discipline and trials that the Elders themselves, could not best, because of their feeble strength and spirit. Yet throughout this training, she had developed lightening reflexes with precision timing, whilst learning a better understanding of strength of mind, determination and balance of spirit; however throughout these practices she had trained alone, never knowing her parents and living atop the great mountain of the Valley, had no friends but the elders and the people who made the deliveries each month; including the one that brought her to safety. For this great determination they named her “Vitani Tsubaki” in honor of their great founder “Vitani Ganjou- omoi” and how she reminded them of a delicate flower.

This had unintentionally caused her to develop a very stern nature and although she had time when she could relax and enjoy herself, she found training and reading, her only source of entertainment during these times. However that day soon ended when the Elders were called to asses a situation of dire consequence. A Naval ship had been spotted in the distance, fighting what appeared to be another naval ship, working along-side a Pirate ship. Its black flag fluttered in the wind with its Jolly Roger emblazoned upon it.

Shocked in horror, the Valleys lookout’s confirmed that the lone Naval ship bore the flag of the “Jolly Roger” and although its hull was far stronger than the opposing ships cannons, it somehow was bested and the ship sinking into the great sea, the vessel tipping over to one side. Shouts of joy could be heard off the coast, as those two ships cheered in victory and turned off to return home; fading into the distance.

As the Elders and Vitani arrived at the shore, they were relieved that the battle had ended without their need for assistance; however something hurtled towards them from the wreckage of the ship, an airborne man that landed in town, as if he had been shot from a cannon. When the man landed, he grunted in despair and mutter something inaudible before getting to his feet, grinning as his golden teeth shone in the light as he wore a black bandana and an emblem on his shirt: the chest of the Navy.

He seemed more like a pirate than a member of the Navy, however his jacket: which shone crimson in the sunlight, glimmering like fine silt on the outside, had the uniform of his group in the inside; as if he turned it inside-out during battle. His black hair seemed grey at the roots. His lifeless, black holes where his eyes should be didn’t make him the welcoming kind of person you would expect from a Marine and as he looked over his shoulder at the people, scoffed in delight.

The elders approached the scene and kept Vitani at a distance, away from harm: because they feared she wasn’t ready to take on someone like this yet and urged her to keep out of the fight. However the man got to his feet and looked at the sinking ship: seeing no other ship in sight, he blamed the Valley of attacking it and claimed he was the 1st mate of that ship. Charging at one of the Elders without warning, the old man quickly dodged the attacks, surprising for a man of his age; but eventually collapsed under a dirty trick, a shot to the head and he was a limp corpse.

The people hid in terror, they had never seen anything like this and had no fighting spirit in them. They came to the Valley in hope of peace and to escape the violent ways other town’s had encouraged. However when one man decided to charge at the strange, he was gone before he even shouted a war cry. Eyes full of tears, Vitani forced against the Elder that held her back and drew her sword, charging at the man who tried to shoot her in the same way; but her reflexes managed to dodge all his bullet but one, as it kissed her cheek, leaving a promising scar on the right-side of her face.

Shocked how she could dodge with such speed, the man attempted to draw his sword but found it in the hands of Vitani, behind him; both pointed at his neck like scissors of a guillotine, tasting his neck in hope they would soon devour his sinful life. Chucking as he tilted his head forward, shrouding his eyes under the shadow of his bandana: he lifted his hands as if her were surrendering and spoke with a wispy tone.

“You think you got me young one? Do you know who I am? Dodging bullets and sheathing swords are impressive, but they are no match for ‘Sukin Tsumibito’, first mate to the Captain of the ‘Jakunen Cr-‘ before he could finish the last sentence, Vitani had already fearlessly cut through the skin of his neck and lopped his head off; watching it roll as she opened her eyes after the fearful moment, sighing in relief as the limp body dropped to the floor.

Trying to comprehend what she had done, the people swarmed around her, cheer in delight that such a man was gone: applauding their new hero and for the first time seeing her, knew she had great promise. However the Elders saw this troublesome and as they pushed through the crowd, attempted to pull her away from the village and take her back up the mountain; worried that she would become a vengeful spirit.

Athough she reassured them she would become one because of her discipline, the Elders insisted she return to the temple and train some more, which infuriated her into a fit of silence. However before the rising sun had set, a stranger had made its way up the mountain, the man’s voice bellowing at the gates as the elders finished their burial ceremonies and after eventually opening the gate partly, struggled to close it in fear of what was on the other side.

One of the Elders decided to send an unofficial message, against the leader’s wishes, to Vitani about the situation and returning with her and the blade she meditated with at the time, told the other Elders to open the gates. Reluctantly they did as they were commanded and the stranger, walking in with something under its arm.

“Do you think I would forgive you for such a cruel act of Justice? You think a member of the “Jakunen Crew” would fall so easily? And you didn’t let me finish my sentence!”

The stranger ended with a sarcastic tone as he walked into the light, lifting the thing under his arm and placing it onto his neck, which appeared to be his severed head; attaching itself without any problem and cracking slightly as it adjusted itself. Sukin lifted his hands into the air again; however this time he pinched his skin, attempting to tug at it. Surprisingly it all came off like a glove and wrapping it around his neck, like a scarf: he cocked his head to one side.

“You really do get under my skin little girl. But merely stripping my flesh isn’t the only thing I can do” spoke the skeletal being, his bones and muscles visibly moving like some kind of horror movie, causing everyone to freeze in fear; presuming it was an unholy creature of some sort, trying their best to escort Vitani out of the temple, whilst they held him at bay; however their attempts proved futile, leaving a pile of lifeless bodies trailing towards pathway that looked over a very steep mountain, held up like a bridge on a cliff.

“Why are you doing this? What’s your point in killing everyone?!” the young lady burst out, yelling in the sorrow of her fallen friends. Eyes watering with regret and terror as she hugged one of the lifeless bodies in despair.

“Oho! The silent one finally speaks! Why do I kill? Well that’s simple, so less people stand in my way of treasure! You shot down our ship and now I’m simply seeking revenge.” Scoffed Sukin, cackling as Vitani slowly get to her feet, her fists clenching tightly as he drew both her blades and dashed towards him.

Suddenly at that moment, Sukin flexed his muscles as she approached him, her attempts of stabbing into his chest succeeded but it appeared to do nothing as he tossed her and the blades to one side. What was surprising wasn’t only his sheer strength and how the blade did nothing, but how large his muscles had bulked up: they were twice the size than he was before and was he walked, the pathway quaked under the pressure, swaying back and forth a bit; like it was going to give way.

“You see my body was too perfect to be hidden behind such useless things as ‘Skin’ and if I fought you like this with it on, it would ruin my beautiful face. Why are you cowering from me now, when you didn’t then? Bahawhawhaw!” bellowed Sukin as he slowly stepped forward, slamming his feet down harshly to scare her, but unbeknownst to him the bridge was about to collapse under his weight and as she shuffled away from him, she knew clearly, how this would end.

“What are you doing running with your tail between your legs? Get back here with my sword, before I-” suddenly it was all over, the ‘Mighty Meat Giant’ found himself falling to his death and as Vitani watched in horror, the man vanished beneath the mountain clouds; never to be heard from. Making her way carefully to the other side, she sheathed her blades and carried the surviving Elder bodies from the Bridge, to the Temple center. To her surprise, some started to get to their feet and other coughing blood, decided to stay sitting down.

“Don’t worry about us, we were unconscious for a while but we’re safe. Only a few of us died, but all to your safety.” Said one of the Elders, brushing off the whole event as if it was nothing. Meanwhile one of them noticed her new sword and with a deep sigh of relief; realized what had happened. “So you defeated him, what luck. We were worried.”

A couple weeks later the Elders returned to their work, anyone injured recovered quickly and worked to repair the bridge and anything else that was destroyed during the stranger’s arrival. Vitani took the time to practice with her new sword she named ‘Chikai Dageki’ (ShortStrike), however shortly afterward the leader of the Elders called Vitani to a private room to talk with her, over an important matter.

“I know we’ve been protective of you, but the time has come for you to seek your own destiny. Follow the road to the south to the nearby village and seek the “Rolling Barrel Tavern” for a man named ‘Onikaze’ he will tell you all you need to know. I tell you this because there’s something we found on you as a child and in fear of putting you in danger, we hid it all these years”.

Handing her a crest that was found on her person long ago, the Elder explained how she was found and what the crest represented, the insignia of a village far off known as ‘Kakan isamashii Sato’ (or The “Village of the Bold and Brave” as he knew it). Looking down at this Crest, sudden bursts of memories flash through her mind and nodding in agreement with the Elder: she decided it would be best to venture off to find this place and find what this crest meant to her.

Packing her bags, the Elders provided her enough food for the journey and a photo of herself as a child, she set off waving as she went down the mountains and left the valley in an uproar of cheer; remembering the day she saved the Valley she loved and now setting off on her journey to find out who she is and where she came from.

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