[Week~6][P]Richmand S. Blackwater (Ragnarok)<Inverse Epilogue: Ieyui, Nobomeno, Renmiri, Yojuyogo, Hasatekanae, Kutamae>

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[Week~6][P]Richmand S. Blackwater (Ragnarok)<Inverse Epilogue: Ieyui, Nobomeno, Renmiri, Yojuyogo, Hasatekanae, Kutamae> Empty [Week~6][P]Richmand S. Blackwater (Ragnarok)<Inverse Epilogue: Ieyui, Nobomeno, Renmiri, Yojuyogo, Hasatekanae, Kutamae>

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Father Bellor stood tall atop his altar. Behind him, the blessed image of Kaulithica with the world upon her shoulders placed a gentle veil of colored light over him, the altar, and the stage on which he stood. Before the Father was his congregation, sitting on benches that were each ten feet long, three feet tall and made out of a dark wood that had been polished over with sealant to give them a permanent shine and protection from the years. Along the sides of these benches, two rows of ten, each ten feet apart from each other, are delicate and beautiful carvings of the stories of Kaulithica and her followers, each bench covering only a small period of time. Starting at the front was the beginning of both time and Kaulithica and as the carvings went further back so did the tales of Her eternal grace and virtue, leading all the way to the founding of the religion known as Kaulithicism that worshiped Kaulithica and her sons and daughters. Father Bellor stood atop his altar with his eyes on the alabaster floor. He dare not meet the gaze of his congregation, not yet. He must think a moment longer, just to get the words correct in his mind. He need not look up anyways, for none of his congregation was looking upon him. There ears were all open and eager, ready to hear the wisdom of Kaulithica. Their hands were folded together in the sacred way, their fingers meshed so that their middle fingers were standing tall beside one another, their index fingers were touching the back of their middle fingers, their ring fingers were tucked beneath their index fingers and their pinkies were crossed over each other.

The fifth book of Kaulithica was beneath him on the pedestal, open to the page from which he would read from. The sermon he had chosen to speak of was a mixture of a tale of Jusabell, Kaulithica’s first born son and the events of the current world and the time they all lived in known as The Great Pirate Era. The pages were old, passed down from his grandfather to his father to him; all had been priests in the Holy Religion of Kaulithica. It is one of the first lessons that Kaulithica teaches, to be humble, and so the priests of the Holy Religion of Kaulithica wear light shades of brown on their robes which are usually hand me downs from hand made robes – all with the general theme of humbleness in mind. The reason they wear brown is because it was the color that Kaulithica herself wore strictly because it was a humble color. Lifting his head up from the Fifth Book, Father Bellor began to speak.

As Father Bellor spoke, his apprentice and son Cardinal sat in the back of the congregation behind the last set of benches at left foot of the stone statue of Kaulithica that stood as a door way to the sanctuary. His head was bent forward, his light brown hair draped over his eyes that were glued on his working hands. In his hands was a piece of wood and a carving knife, the wood having begun to take the shape of Kaulithica and her first born son Jusabell in her arms as an infant. Below him were a pile of wood shavings that he had been accumulating for the past hour while he waited for the congregation to gather and his father to begin to preach. As he did, it all became background noise to the young man. He was focused entirely on one thing, the same thing he had been focused on the past hour; the sweat on his white and red clothing was proof enough of that: his wood carving.

That focus was broken by the opening of the church doors behind him. Looking up from his carving, he looked back at the doors to see who was entering – the only person in the congregation to move at this disturbance. In came the new acolytes, dressed in the dark brown ceremonial robes and hoods as well as the traditional iron masks ready to be inducted in Kaulithica’s holy embrace. These masks could not be seen beneath the cloth of the hoods, but it was common knowledge that the new acolytes were to wear them; symbolism to their faith. Someday, Cardinal would wear them himself. There were two rows of six acolytes making twelve in total. As they walked beneath the stone colossus of Kaulithica, their heads bent, the two rows split and went their separate ways right and left of Kaulithica, as was tradition. Cardinal watched as they went past, his sharp young eyes attentive to each and every detail of their demeanor and stance, knowing that within the next few years he would have to mimic this walk for himself – it would be the proudest moment of his young life.

The archbishop came after the twelve, wearing robes of dark red and an iron mask depicting a skull with three crosses along the forehead, one upright, two on their sides facing opposite directions. He carried a staff with the symbol of Kaulithica atop of it. Standing beneath the grand statue, he watched the two lines of acolytes make their way to the back of the sanctuary and the stage on which Father Bellor stood. Looking over, he saw Cardinal sitting and watching the lines as well. Walking over to him, the archbishop patted his head twice as he passed and went along with the rest of the line. “Now my children,” Father Bellor said, raising his hands to lift the heads of the congregation, “Join me and the new acolytes in a chorus of the Hymn of Reverence.” As one, the congregation stood, including Cardinal, and joined in the new acolytes in turning towards the stain glass image of Kaulithica and singing the Hymn of Reverence as a single voice and choir:

“Ieyui, Nobomeno, Renmiri, Yojuyogo, Hasatekanae, Kutamae.”
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