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Name: Kin G. Doom
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Unknown - raised in East Blue - Cortown
Combat Preference: Hand to hand
Position at Sea: Captain


Kin G. Doom is known to his friends as someone they can count on at any time; he will do anything he can at all to help them if they are in danger, even if it means causing himself harm or sacrificing his pride to save them. As soon as Kin meets a new person he is instantly suspicious of them due to his life growing up. He has never trusted anyone right off the bat; it takes time for Kin to be able to trust someone and bond with them, but once he does then he considers it a lifelong bond. He is always up for training so that he can become stronger, as the more he trains, the easier it will be for him to help those few people lucky enough to be his friends.


Standing at 5' 10" tall, Kin G. Doom is fairly slim despite all the odd jobs he did, such as carrying things, as he was growing up. His hair is dark purple and always looks scruffy; no matter how much he tries to sort it, it always looks as though he has just gotten out of bed. His fringe covers his eyebrows but doesn't quite reach his eyes, whereas the rest of his hair is slightly longer and reaches the bottom of his ears at the sides with a similar length at the back. His eyes are also dark purple and resemble the shade of his hair.

He wears plain dark green trousers and a plain dark green shirt that he has been known to wear both open or closed, depending on his situation. Over his shirt he wears a dark brown trench coat that he always has open, then to complete his look, on his head he wears a dark brown Fedora.


Kin G. Doom grew up in the back streets of Cortown after being left there by his birth parents at the age of 4. To this day he still doesn't know who his birth parents are. He was raised in an orphanage along with other children for most of his life, but after being abandoned by his parents he didn't feel like he could trust anyone there. After being at the orphanage for 6 months, he started to finally make friends with the other children, especially a boy named Roko, who was 2 years older than Kin. He was known to run around with the other children from the orphanage causing mischief with his slingshot.

After 6 years of running round with the other orphanage children causing mischief but also helping with odd jobs where they could, Kin was feeling at home and was happy with all his friends. It was then that another group of children appeared in the town from some other island. It didn't take long for the 2 groups of children to become rivals and this of course lead to fighting; Kin couldn't find a weapon in the first few encounters so he just used his hands and feet to defend himself and strike back, whereas Roko always used his trusty slingshot.

This continued for 7 years. At the age of 17 Kin had become quite accustomed to fighting and could easily fend for himself against people attacking him. The group of children that had arrived 7 years earlier decided that they wanted something more than just staying in Cortown so they all left suddenly, leaving Kin and his friends without any rivals to fight, since they had spent a plenty of time in the last 7 years fighting the other children. After all of the fighting and general mischief they had caused, Kin started getting agitated at the lack of competition and started thinking about his future. He decided that the day after his 18th birthday he would set out to travel on the sea in a search for adventure; once that day arrived, he set out into the sea on a small boat. That was the day when he became a pirate...

Method of fighting:

Since he grew up fighting the other group of children, he began learning how to defend himself without a weapon from as young as 10 years old. Once he was able to defend against attacks he then started learning how to attack only using his hands, and also his legs and feet. Now that he is 18, he has become quite a challenger.

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[Kin G. Doom] - [The Dark Doom Pirates] Empty Re: [Kin G. Doom] - [The Dark Doom Pirates]

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Development Points: 1771
Raw Strength: 1063
Swordsmanship: 0
Marksmanship: 0
Hand-To-Hand: 886
Raw Speed: 885

Personal Development Points: 1417 [ 15 ] Technique Slots

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[Kin G. Doom] - [The Dark Doom Pirates] Empty Re: [Kin G. Doom] - [The Dark Doom Pirates]

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