Week ~5: Grading Activate

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Week ~5: Grading Activate Empty Week ~5: Grading Activate

Post  Behemoth on Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:55 am

Name: Richmand S. Blackwater
Faction: Pirates
Mission: Prologue: Flashforward

Word Count: 6255
TD based on WC: 626

Spelling/Grammar: 2 /4
Grader's Opinion: 4 /5
Personal Creativity: 1 /1
Grade: 7 /10

Personal Creativity +100zg

Total Bonus: 163

Newbie Bonus +10%

Total TD awarded: 868

I liked the introduction of the character, there were a few spelling and grammar errors hence the deduction. But overall a good start, Keep up the good work.

Or you'll end up like this > Week ~5: Grading Activate Untitled-1-3
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