[Week 4][P] Kin G. Doom <Chapter 1: A Wayward Journey Begins>

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[Week 4][P] Kin G. Doom <Chapter 1: A Wayward Journey Begins> Empty [Week 4][P] Kin G. Doom <Chapter 1: A Wayward Journey Begins>

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"Awwww man!" moaned Roko, "We've been sailing for days and we haven't seen land since we left Cortown".

"Dude, come on...You know neither of us know how to navigate!" exclaimed Kin.

"Yeah, you are hopeless aren't you!" sniggered Roko.

"Hey!" shouted Kin taking out a cherry from his pocket and putting it in his mouth, "You are just as hopeless as I am!" He looked up and then started choking on his cherry.

"Oi! Don't you die on me already we haven't even got anywhere yet!" Roko called out hitting Kin on the back. Kin coughed up the cherry and had a coughing fit.

"Pity, that was a waste of a cherry" he said sighing "Anyway, what I was going to shout out before choking was..." clearing his throat with a cough he announced "Land Ho! You know, I have always wanted to say that?"

"Well, Mr bigshot pirate Captain, you had your moment, now help me row us over to the island and we will see what's there. Hmmm, wonder if we will be able to find a Navigator, that would be useful" Roko said laughing.

"Stop laughing and just start rowing..." remarked Kin.

Arriving at the island, they tied up the boat since it wasn't big enough to have an anchor.

"Right, when we were rowing in I think I saw a village not far from here, lets head there first." Said Kin clapping his hands together.

"Yes your majesty" smirked Roko.

"Dammit Roko!" yelled Kin, "I told you to stop calling me that!" Sighing as he saw Roko's smile, realising that Roko would never stop, he then said "Alright then, shut up and lets go to the village." Taking out another cherry and throwing it into his mouth.

After a short walk the finally arrived at the village, it seemed quite busy as lots of people were milling around but as soon as they saw Kin and Roko they all ran into their houses

"Why do you think they all ran as soon as they saw us?" questioned Roko.

"I don't know, your guess is as good as mine, maybe they saw your face and ran in fear." Said Kin laughing, "Anyway, let's try knocking on some doors see if anyone will talk to us."

They walked to the nearest house and knocked on the door. "Hello, anyone there? Please, we have some questions." Called out Kin, but there was no answer. They went on to try this various houses but kept getting the same result, as they were about to give up and leave the island when they heard a noise. They turned round to see what had caused it, to their surprise they saw a man seemingly in his thirties with long blonde hair, he spoke with an eerily calm voice and said, "You shouldn't hang around here, you will regret it."

The calmness of his voice irritated both Kin and Roko so much that they both shouted "Is that a threat you bastard?!"

To which he replied "No, it's just a piece of friendly advice to a pair of youngsters, and with that I will be taking my leave. Remember my advice, you both really should leave here immediately." After saying that he went round the corner and disappeared, Kin and Roko ran to where he was but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Huh, he was weird, who does he think he is telling us what to do?" murmured Roko.

"Yeah, but with that and all the people running away when they saw us, I can't help but think that something is up with this village, and I want to find out what it is." Muttered Kin, "Right, let's explore this town a little more. He got my curiosity going."

They walked further into the village when they heard a shout of "Oi! Who are you?!" They turned round to see who had shouted, in case the villagers had come back out. But all they saw were a group of 5 rather large men stood in a group who were looking rather angry.

"Pssst, you talk the lead on this one, you are Captain after all!" whispered Roko to Kin, who sighed after hearing this.

"We just got here and we thought we would come and have a look at the village. Why is there anything wrong with that?" Kin asked the group of men.

"Yeah there is, we control this village. We don't allow just anyone to wander in and have a look around, you have to pay the entry fee." Said the largest of the men as the rest of the men were stifling laughs.

"Alright, how much in the entry fee?" inquired Kin, knowing full well that they were making fun of him.

"The entry fee is 1 million Beli, each" said the leader of the group, as the rest of the group couldn't stifle their laughs any more and burst out laughing.

"Ah, I do love a good barter, how about I take your 1 million Beli and instead of that, we get a discount of...say 100%? That would mean that we pay you nothing, and you let us stay in the village." Suggested Kin smiling.

"Well boys, looks like we got a smart arse here. Let's show him what we do with smart arses" said the leader as they advanced.

"I don't suppose that is give them a good meal and lots of money is it?" ventured Kin, as they continued to advance he made a decision. "Roko...lets run!" Turning round to run he sees Roko had already gone before he said anything. "Roko you bastard, you are supposed to wait for your Captain to give the order to retreat! I'll get you for this!"

The group were surprisingly fast for being so large and caught up with Kin relatively quickly. "Right, you two take him to 'The Shed' and rest of you follow me, we'll get that other bastard" ordered the leader.

As they were dragging Kin off to 'The Shed' he couldn't help but wonder what horrors awaited him there. Surprisingly 'The Shed' was simply just a large garden shed in the middle of the village, in which he was hung up against the wall with arms and legs in shackles. It wasn't long before Roko was also brought in and shackled in the same way.

"Heh, you still glad you ran away you bastard?" Kin asked Roko and he just smiled and nodded. Kin sighed. It was then that they heard a scrambling noise underneath them and the floor opened up. A figure jumped out of the hole and said "I should have known you wouldn't listen to me just by looking at you."

"Hey, I recognise that voice" pondered Kin. Then as the dust settled they saw who the mysterious man was, it was none other than...the blonde man that had advised them to leave earlier. "Hey, you're that guy that tried telling us to leave!"

"Indeed I am" he said grinning and started pacing around in front of them.

"Well...?" hinted Kin urgently.

"Well what?" The strange man asked innocently smiling.

"Help us get out of these damn shackles!" interrupted Roko.

"Ohhh that? Sure I can help with that, give me a second." Said the strange man reaching into his own pocket. He pulled out a small blade that looked a lot like a scalpel and walked over to the shackles and proceeded to put the scalpel into the locks, moved it round and there was a click as the shackles opened.

Rubbing their wrists both Roko and Kin muttered "Thanks" in unison.

"Now, follow me and I'll lead you out of here" said the strange man beckoning them over to the hole "Follow me" and he climbed down. The pirate duo looked at each other, shrugged and followed him down the hole. Crawling through the tunnel Kin noted that it was surprisingly big for something done on such short notice.

"Hey, you didn't build this tunnel for us did you?" Inquired Kin.

"My my, you are a bright young man aren't you? You are in fact correct, many people get captured by those 5 thugs and it's always up to me to save them. After all, if I don't save them, then who will?" replied the strange man.

"Heh true, but what if we took care of those thugs?" Asked Kin, adding "Oh, and what's your name?"

"If only someone could take them out, I tried once but failed, only managed to take out 2 of the bastards before they got me, my name is Harper by the way. Looks like we are almost out of the tunnel now." He said pointing ahead.

Climbing out of the tunnel they noticed that they were on the edge of the village now quite far from where they had started. "Alright now I have got you out of there, run to your little boat and leave this island and -"

"Hey, their over here. They're with the guy that tried to take us down a while ago!" interrupted a voice, which turned out to belong to one of the thugs, and then all the thugs came running.

"Looks like we get to take them out." Said Kin clenching his right hand into a fist and hitting his left palm, with a smile.

Harper sighed and said "Alright, show me where all this confidence comes from." Kin started running towards the nearest thug. Who in response took stance and pulled his right arm back ready to hit Kin as he arrived. However Kin had predicted this as he painfully remembered that people had done it to him many times in the past and prepared the counter for it. This simply involved him stopping his charge and charging at the largest of the thugs who wasn't prepared. Leaving the one he originally charged at somehow confused but was ambushed by Roko who shot him in the right knee with his crossbow followed by a shot to the left knee after reloading. Kin collided with his new target and surprisingly enough sent him flying backwards.

"What the hell!" shouted the leader, "He was the heaviest of all of us, how could a kid like that send him flying so far?!"

Smiling, Harper started strolling over to the thugs "Looks like that young man has been practising, now then Geoff, now those 2 are keeping your subordinates busy, how about you fight me fairly this time?" he asked to the leader of the thugs.

"How do you know my name?!" Cried out the leader now identified as Geoff, "Anyway what do you mean fairly? I will crush you with my bare hands!"

Sighing, Harper remarked "Predictable as ever aren't you Geoff?" Taking one step to the side and reaching into his pocket. As Geoff passed where Harper was, Harper took something out of his pocket and made several arm motions.

After taking out the largest member of the thugs, Kin decided that he would not try that again as it hurt his hand too much. He saw that Harper was fighting with the leader Geoff and left them to it, as he knew he wouldn't want people to interfere with his fights unless he asked. Looking around he saw one thug rolling around on the floor holding both his knees in pain, that must be Roko's work thought Kin. This left 2 thugs remaining, one still seemed gobsmacked by Kin knocking down the largest thug whilst the other was more concerned about whether he was the next to be shot.

The object that Harper had taken out of his pocket seemed to be just a simple scalpel, but the cuts he had made onto the right side of Geoff's body seemed to have done some fairly significant damage while only looking like simple scratches.

Kin chose the thug that was surprisingly still gobsmacked, his brain didn't seem to have caught up with what was happening yet. Whilst Roko chose the one that kept looking at him with eyes full of anger, suddenly the thus charged at Roko, who was completely taken by surprise, as this had never happened before, usually people ran after they saw his skill with a crossbow. Taking action he aimed at one of his knees, he took the shot and down went the thug. Sighing a breath of relief Roko then looked up and saw that the thug had got back up and was limping heavily towards him, he took aim at the other knee and fired again, hitting his target. This took the thug down again, sighing another breath of relief Roko was shocked to see the thug was still coming towards him pulling himself along the ground. 'What kind of determination does the guy have?!' Thought Roko taking aim and with 2 shots in succession shot the thug in both shoulders, finally rendering him unable to move.

As Kin ran towards his target, the thug's brain seemed to have caught up with what was happening and he went into a rage. Charging back at Kin in return, having no time to take a stance Kin decided to have a play at being spontaneous and as the thug got close he brought up his knee to connect with his jaw with an almighty crunching sound. After falling back, the thug managed to get up and regain his footing, he seemed even more angered as he then charged at Kin yet again. This time instead of using his knee he ran at the thug low to the ground and smashed into the thug's knee with his elbow, this made a large cracking noise then the thug flipped over and that seemed to be it for him.

The cuts that Harper had made on Geoff were very precise and in vulnerable areas of the human body, such as cutting the Achilles tendon on the back of his right ankle. As a result of this, Geoff collapsed due to being unable to stand. "You bastard, what did you do to me?!" bellowed Geoff.

"I only cut your Achilles tendon on the back of your right ankle, and gave you a few other cuts that will heal fine. See a doctor soon and you should be able to walk again..." Said Harper giving Geoff a dark look.

"Hey, is anyone here a doctor?!" pleaded Geoff to the village but to no response.

"Well, I'm a doctor" replied Harper, "However I choose my patients, they do not choose me. I do not choose you Geoff!"

"Errr Harper, did you say you are a doctor?" asked Kin as he and Roko walked over to him. Harper turned round to him and nodded.

"Why yes, I happen to be an expert surgeon and I know enough general medical knowledge to be able to help people in villages in such as these if they require it." Responded Harper.

"How about you join my pirate crew?" ventured Kin.

"Oh, so you're pirates are you? That is an interesting proposal you give me as I do in fact find you very intriguing. Let me ask you one question, what is the reason you became a pirate?" challenged Harper.

"Well..." Pondered Kin "I suppose the answer to that would be for an adventure with friends."

"Fascinating answer young man, I think I shall join your crew on your travels, let me finish up on what I came to do here and I'll meet you at your boat." Announced Harper.

"Awesome, thanks Harper. I look forward to sailing with you...Hang on...How do you know where our boat is?" asked Kin suspiciously. To which Harper just looked at him,and tapped the side of his nose while smiling and walked off towards the middle of the village.

"That's great, we got a doctor for when you get injured" mocked Roko.

"No, he's for when I get sick of you making all your comments and knock your head off" retorted Kin smiling. They set off towards the boat.

"Hey, you wouldn't really do that would you?" Said Roko getting worried.

"Hahahaha, who knows?" laughed Kin patting Roko on the back then patted his pocket to get a cherry out and felt the squishy mess that no cherry lover wants to feel. "Awwww man, those bastards squished my cherries. I am not happy now. Well, it's a long way back to the boat, so let's go so I can get some cherries."

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