Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

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Stop! Collaborate and Listen! Empty Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

Post  Turtle on Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:10 pm

I'm bored and awake so here we go!
For you newbies who are just joining us or doing this for the first time ever, the idea of collaborating with other players may be enticing, enthralling, or maybe just intriguing. But there might be one question you're asking yourself:
"How do I do one?"

The answer is really quite simple: Ask

But where do I ask? And who? Says the newbie.
Well look no further!
This marvelous thread here is for JUST such an occasion!
Here you can post up when you feel like doing a collab or if you have an idea for one that you'd like to run by everyone else. You can also post here to ask about joining an existing collab if it strikes your fancy. Really anything to do with planning a collaboration can be done here, I only ask that you don't clutter it up full of 1-on-1 chats that would best be exchanged through PM.

That being said, lets all go out, party hard, raise hell, and have fun!

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