[Week 37] [P] Kin G. Doom [Chap. ?] & Morrigan Rassallion [Chap. ?] <Collaboration: Rescue at 42nd Branch>

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[Week 37] [P] Kin G. Doom [Chap. ?] & Morrigan Rassallion [Chap. ?] <Collaboration: Rescue at 42nd Branch> Empty [Week 37] [P] Kin G. Doom [Chap. ?] & Morrigan Rassallion [Chap. ?] <Collaboration: Rescue at 42nd Branch>

Post  King Doom on Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:17 am

After Roko was kidnapped, Kin immediately gave chase after them yelling. Realising that they no longer had any kind of boat or ship Harper turned to the King and Queen and asked "I'm sure those Marines will have an escape route already planned. That means that they will leave this island and we don't have a ship to follow them and rescue Roko. This might be sudden but could we borrow a ship so that we can go after them?"

"Oh...yes, of course you can. There should be a small one ready for departure in the harbour down that way." Said the startled King pointing down a track that lead around the castle. "After you rescue your friend, can you please return here after? There is something we need to discuss."

"Yeah, sure whatever!" shouted Harper as he ran down the track towards the harbour to get the ship.

Arriving at the harbour Harper saw a few ships docked, pausing to find the one that he could use he saw a decent sized ship that looked very well kept with a girl on the side of the ship possibly doing some maintenance, he then spotted the small boat and ran towards it. Getting to the ship he realised it would be possible for him to sail it himself so that he could find Kin. After making the necessary preparations he set off in search of Kin, as he figured that Kin would be on the coast somewhere after the Marines got on their ship and escaped away.

As he started heading round the coast where he thought Kin might be, he found him running around a beach in panic. Harper managed to get Kin's attention and then brought the boat as close as he could to Kin who then ran over and jumped into the boat, they then started moving again.

"They sailed in that direction!" shouted Kin as he pointed.

"Alrighty then, let's go get our friend back!" Said an excited Harper as he clapped his hands together and changed direction.

After minutes of travelling and searching, there was no sign of the Marine ship at all.

"Where the hell are they?! They can't have just disappeared!" Yelled Kin as he frantically looked around at the horizon.

"Just calm down. You need to focus." Stated a calm Harper.

"How can you stay so calm?! Roko has been kidnapped, do you not understand what has happened?" shouted Kin.

"Yes of course I do, but panicking will get you nowhere. You need to think calmly and rationally in these kind of situations." Replied Harper.

"Sounds like you're speaking from experience." Said Kin suspiciously.

Harper laughed and replied "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't, but that is a story for another day. Now pay attention for those damn Marines."

Kin stared at Harper for a moment longer than necessary and went back to looking around for anything that might give them clues about the Marines that seemingly disappeared into thin air.

Kin started getting fidgety as there was still no sight of anything, until all of a sudden Kin saw a ship in the distance and yelled out pointing at it.

"Finally something, either they will be the Marines or they might have seen them." Said Harper thankfully and changed direction towards the ship and went at full speed.

As they got a bit closer they realised that not only it was a Marine ship but had red paint over the Marine symbol on the sail.

"Be on guard, either these will be those rebel Marines or someone has stolen a Marine ship, they could be dangerous...Hang on I'm getting a bad feeling, that Marine ship is smaller than standard Marine ships...this could mean trouble...Let's find out what it is." Said Harper cautiously.

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[Week 37] [P] Kin G. Doom [Chap. ?] & Morrigan Rassallion [Chap. ?] <Collaboration: Rescue at 42nd Branch> Empty Re: [Week 37] [P] Kin G. Doom [Chap. ?] & Morrigan Rassallion [Chap. ?] <Collaboration: Rescue at 42nd Branch>

Post  Leviathan on Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:53 am

It was a particularly lazy afternoon aboard the Alpha Morina. The ship sailed through the waves easily, the wind being gentle and predictable, leaving the three crew members on deck with little to worry about. Wran sat with his back against a barrel full of rainwater from the storm they had been forced to dock through two days prior, as Yonyon, the ship's First Mate, sat in the shade of the mainmast, writing a small pocket-sized book. It was strange for things to be so peaceful aboard the ship, yet nobody, not even Morrigan, wished the break the lazy silence that had settled over everything. With one eye closed and the other open, he glanced down from where he lay on his stomach atop the mainmast's beam that supported the sails, watching the newest addition to his crew.

The quiet moments dragged on, with the young navigator completely unaware he was being watched. Morrigan tutted to himself and closed his eye; even the concept of tormenting the poor fool below required far too much energy, and so, even the sporadic, nervous spirit that followed him wherever he set foot was content to simply exist, and nothing more. Still, it didn't stop his mind from wondering back to the thick jungles, icy tundras and scorching deserts of his island home, Srysa. He remembered the way his mother used to scold him for sneaking out, and then returning at ridiculous times of the morning covered in scratches, dirt, and occasionally, love-bites. His lip twitched at that particular memory; even if his mother had been on her deathbed, it didn't stop her from slapping him so hard his head span. It was strange feeling, missing somebody. The young Captain wasn't particularly familiar with such a feeling, but then and there, he missed Jannine Rassallion, and almost missed her voice angrily screaming his true name, for Morrigan wasn't born 'Morrigan Rassallion', but was born under a different name entirely.

He found himself mouthing the name under his breath; Yonyon tutted below, and there was the sound of tearing paper, which in turn disturbed the young Navigator who had since drifted off to sleep to the sound of lapping water at his back. A moment of activity passed, then settled once more. Beyond the rhythmic sounds of the waves against the ship and the occasional scratch of Yonyon's pen, not a single sound alerted them to the sudden presence of another ship on the horizon.

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[Week 37] [P] Kin G. Doom [Chap. ?] & Morrigan Rassallion [Chap. ?] <Collaboration: Rescue at 42nd Branch> Empty Re: [Week 37] [P] Kin G. Doom [Chap. ?] & Morrigan Rassallion [Chap. ?] <Collaboration: Rescue at 42nd Branch>

Post  King Doom on Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:33 am

Heading on a course to intersect the mysterious ship Harper turned to Kin and muttered "Don't make a sound and let me do the talking, these could be bad people." To which Kin looked at him, nodded and turned back to look at the ship they were heading towards. Luckily for them the boat they were using was small so it was quiet and they would be able to drift silently up to the ship making the most of the gentle wind.

Many thoughts were flying through Harper's mind about what they would encounter once they made contact with the mysterious ship's crew. In his life he had dealt with many types of people, from people that were pure at heart and believed in good such as Kin, to people that did what was necessary to survive such as stealing food to people that had competitions about how many people they had murdered, who then generally tried to murder the winner, even people that were cold and calculating, the ones that if they ever saw you as a threat wouldn't hesitate to have you killed on the spot. On that ship could be any kind of person, he would have to be really careful about how he played this as one wrong move could mean instead death to the both of them.

At the same time many thoughts were going through Kin's mind about what they would find on the ship. The ideal situation would be getting onto the ship and finding Roko there surrounded by loads of unconscious rebel marines however he knew that was extremely unlikely as he knew Roko and his fighting style. Another situation would be Roko tied up on the deck and all the rebel marines around, he thought that him and Harper would be able to take care of them and rescue Roko. However he knew the most likely situation would be that the people on the ship would have no idea who those rebel marines were or where they would be but he would never give up hope, he knew that he would find Roko and that he would be alright.

As the boat arrived next to the mysterious ship both Kin and Harper could see the name of the ship as it was written on the side, Alpha Morina. The ship's name rang vague bells in Harpers mind but he couldn't think why and disregarded it as he had finally figured out the best way to approach the situation and various plans depending on what the crew were like when suddenly...

"Ahoy!" yelled Kin cupping his hands together at his mouth, he paused for a moment then yelled again "Ahoy there Alpha Morina!"

"What the hell did you do that for?" snapped Harper in a hushed voice elbowing Kin in the ribs then turning his attention upwards to see what would happen.

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[Week 37] [P] Kin G. Doom [Chap. ?] & Morrigan Rassallion [Chap. ?] <Collaboration: Rescue at 42nd Branch> Empty Re: [Week 37] [P] Kin G. Doom [Chap. ?] & Morrigan Rassallion [Chap. ?] <Collaboration: Rescue at 42nd Branch>

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